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Responding to cyber incidents efficiently requires the compelling combination of DWF’s proprietary data culling and sorting methodology and Canopy’s top-of-the-line data mining processing. Cyber Incident Services from DWF provide the most refined and accurate document review populations in the industry.

The DWF approach is personalized to meet the needs of cyber counsel, its clients and insurance carriers. We customize playbooks to comply with clients’ applicable regulations and preferred practices to offer a true partnership and transparent services in cyber event resolution from our global delivery centers.

Our technology-driven program goes beyond traditional cyber review to offer the best of data-mining technology combined with data analysis, identification, and extraction methods with human led QC verification. With precise price estimates blended with fixed cost pricing to ensure budget predictability and no surprise increases, we provide a holistic approach to cyber incident resolution.

Benefits of our Cyber Incident Services practice include:

  • Extensive reporting capabilities throughout project lifecycle
  • Proprietary solutions and processes for document identification
  • Deeply experienced project management teams
  • Clean, customized, de-duplicated notification lists
  • Trust in our data protection methods

Learn more about how DWF can help you respond to cyber incidents here. 


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