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Media Kit

We are 🌳🌳🌳Canopy, the leader in privacy and data breach software.

This webpage is your reference for communicating about Canopy in a cohesive way as we continue to define our company and our industry.

Please contact with any questions or requests.

Our Logo

The Canopy logo may only be used in the variations included via the buttons below. The colors and proportions should not be further adjusted in any way, and no effects should be added. Scroll down for guidelines on how to display the Canopy logo at its best.

Logo with Tagline

Use this version by default, unless the tagline will not be clearly legible or simplicity is needed.


Logo without Tagline

Use this version when the logo will appear small or when simplicity is needed.


Reverse Logo

This version (with or without tagline) is an option for dark backgrounds where the color logo may not be fully visible.


Stacked Logo

Use this when horizontal space is limited, such as on a square canvas.


Logo Mark

Use this as a visual representation of Canopy when the full logo is not feasible.


Clearspace Guidelines

With the exception of the tagline, the Canopy logo must always be surrounded by clear space to ensure it stands out from other visual elements. This space must at minimum be equal to the height of the logo mark.


Logo in Text

When images are not supported or the Canopy logo cannot be used for any other reason, replace the logo mark with three consecutive deciduous tree emojis.

Instructions for typing emojis on computers: macOS | Windows 10


Our Colors

Each color may be used at varying tints as needed for different applications.

Canopy Green

HEX // #7fb56c

RGB // 127  181  108

CMYK // 55  10  75  0

Canopy Navy

HEX // #3b506c

RGB // 59  80  108

CMYK // 83  67  37  21


Canopy Blue

HEX // #7fbbe0

RGB // 127 187 224

CMYK // 43 17 0 12


Cool Gray

HEX // #63666a

RGB // 99 102 106

CMYK // 6 4 0 58



HEX // #ffffff

RGB // 255 255 255

CMYK // 0 0 0 0

Canopy Navy

HEX // #3b506c

RGB // 59  80  108

CMYK // 83  67  37  21

Canopy Navy

HEX // #3b506c

RGB // 59  80  108

CMYK // 83  67  37  21

Our Fonts



Light, Book, Medium, or Bold




Use this Google font as a substitute for web applications.

Learn More & Download >


Century Gothic

Use as a substitute in Microsoft applications (standard availability).

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Our Visuals


Flat illustrations reflect Canopy's down-to-earth and, at times, whimsical brand. Portray diversity of race, ethnicity, and gender whenever possible.



Icons are a strong way to visually convey a message without language or other barriers.

Color icons with a combination of Canopy Navy and Canopy Green, in solid Canopy Navy, or in one of our neutrals. Maintain consistency throughout each piece of content.


Our Products

canopy product icons-dbr-16x9

Data Breach Response

Canopy's Data Breach Response software delivers fast, accurate, and secure data mining, PII review, and entity consolidation, enabling organizations to assess cyber incidents and fulfill notification obligations in the event of a data breach.

canopy product icons-pa-16x9

Privacy Audit

Canopy's Privacy Audit software shows enterprises what's in their data with certainty and specificity, providing the insights they need to improve how they handle sensitive information and mitigate risk before a breach occurs.

Our Messaging


The name Canopy reflects our love for nature and the broader environment.


Our team of Foresters are a group of talented, creative, and enthusiastic people from across the globe.


To leave the world better than we found it.

Data Mining ≠ Ediscovery

When data breaches first became commonplace, purpose-built software for identifying PII/PHI and connecting it to impacted people didn't exist yet. So cyber experts borrowed tools & methodologies from the closest adjacent markets: ediscovery & forensics.

They cobbled together detection strategies using keyword searching & regular expressions (regex). They shoehorned legal review software into a PII review workflow. And they consolidated lists of people using Excel or custom objects. It was manual, repetitive, time-consuming work — but it was the best option at the time. 

Using ediscovery tech & workflows for data mining leads to over-inclusivity, so incident response teams needed huge percentages of data sets to be manually reviewed. This meant that review companies made a ton of money reviewing extra documents, while cyber insurers & corporations paid far more than they really needed to for PII review. And those review companies don’t want this to change.

Recognizing the glaring differences between data mining and ediscovery, Canopy launched the world’s first purpose-built software in 2018. The patented application uses machine learning to streamline the process of finding PII and connecting it to people. By trading in ediscovery tools for Canopy's Data Breach Response software, incident response teams can complete projects much faster at a fraction of the cost, drawing a clear distinction between these two separate fields.

So if someone today is using ediscovery tools for your data breach response projects: you’re probably getting ripped off on the review.


Canopy is the leader in AI-powered privacy and data breach software. Canopy’s patented flagship product, Data Breach Response, provides incident response teams with fast, accurate, and secure data mining, personal data (PII & PHI) review, and entity management. Its second offering, Privacy Audit, gives companies transparency into what’s in their data so they can evaluate their business practices and proactively mitigate risk. Canopy has been named a winner of the 2022 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, the 2022 NVTC Tech 100, the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, and the 2021 Global InfoSec Awards. Connect with one of our Foresters today at or visit to learn more about our software solutions.