Canopy's Emergent is designed to support NIST Cybersecurity Response

Why Canopy?

Emergent is a software-as-a-service solution designed to discover compromised confidential personal data. Emergent is for cybersecurity teams responding to data breaches under GDPR, FERPA, PCI, HIPAA, or other privacy laws or regulations.

Accelerate Detection and Extraction

Processing and enrichment using a proprietary combination of algorithms pre-trained for sensitive information detection and extraction. Emergent's proprietary processing and detection goes well beyond the capabilities of regular expressions.

Assess Impact within 72 Hours

Analytics designed to measure the impact of the breach, cull documents, and organize documents to convert to a list of Data Subjects. Emergent can assess the confidential personal data impact of the breach prior to conducting the review.

Resolve Data Subjects

Coding technology and workflow designed to resolve the many-to-one relationships between Data Subjects and their personal data found across multiple documents. Emergent provides the ability to quickly extract, resolve, and export a list of unique Data Subjects.

Scalable & Secure

Deployed on AWS
Encrypted at Rest
Encrypted in Transit
Any Jurisdiction

Emergent SaaS


When a data breach occurs, time is of the essence. Combing through millions of documents to determine if confidential personal data has been breached requires a new approach. Emergent's technology was designed specifically for this task.

Robust Upload

Upload or import from S3, Google Drive, Dropox, Office 365 or SFTP

Detect & Classify

Automatic PII/PHI detection using Machine Learning

Active Lookahead

Actively associate individuals with documents as the system learns



Map spreadsheet columns to entities and import entities while reviewing documents

Anomaly Detection

AI-based detection of data anomalies such as typos in Social Security Number


Entity Resolution

Merge individuals' information even when using nicknames or maiden names