Who was affected by the breach?  Now you know.

Intelligent data mining for PII and PHI

Rooted in machine-learning technology that is calibrated to the intricacies of data mining for PII and PHI, Canopy software accelerates the detection, extraction and resolution of non-public and protected-data following a business email compromise.

Software for the people who are searching for the people affected by the breach

Our purpose-built data breach response application is the #1 choice for incident response teams. Our clients span cyber security firms, law firms, and legal service providers that need to quickly convert PII and PHI fragments within structured and unstructured data into a clean list of affected individuals requiring notification.

Intelligent data mining for PII and PHI

Canopy : the "who's who" of data privacy

The volume of non-public information residing outside of its owner's control is growing. That's why Canopy applies AI and machine learning to combat the data privacy risks that come with the digital world. We are passionate about privacy and absolute transparency if and when non-public information is vulnerable. In fact, our flagship Canopy software has already revolutionized how incident response teams respond to a corporate data breach.
What is considered protected data or sensitive information?

What is considered protected data or sensitive information?

Canopy automates the most cumbersome aspects of achieving compliance with GDPR, FERPA, PCI, HIPAA, CCPA and other emerging data privacy regulations. The laws and jurisdictions have varying classifications for the fragments of data requiring protection – which makes data mining for PII infinitely more difficult.

Fortunately, Canopy’s legal advisors and data analysts maintain a comprehensive Data Mining for PII Matrix to guide your team’s response strategy. Quickly look-up a data-type or a location to confirm the steps required to maintain compliance.

What's in a name?

Some might call Canopy a “Data Breach Discovery” tool or “Data Breach Response Software.” Others call it “Data Extraction” or “Data Mining.” We view Canopy as the pioneer of “Protected-Data Discovery.” And in the context of data privacy, one's unique identifiers are far more important than a name anyway.

What's in a name?

Canopy's unique identifiers

End-to-end support for the breach response process

Canopy is the only SaaS of its kind that facilitates the entire workflow of detecting, classifying, mining, resolving and aggregating protected and unstructured data populations.

Purpose-built application to simplify a monumental challenge

Canopy's Protected-Data Discovery application empowers service providers to assess and respond to their clients' business email compromises more quickly than is possible with eDiscovery software or legal technology tools.

Greater accuracy and faster turnaround on projects

Canopy's use of machine-learning and an architecture built specifically for the demands of data breach response enables review teams to achieve their goals much quicker and without the typical staff-fatigue, errors and oversights.

Respond faster than your competitors

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