About Canopy

Learn about our shared focus on data privacy, innovation, and the environment.


Canopy was conceptualized in 2018 when veterans of the ediscovery software and services market witnessed the limitations of using ediscovery technology to respond to security and privacy incidents. Knowing that a purpose-built application would accelerate the identification of the actual people who are affected by data breaches, the two officially launched Canopy Software in 2018.

We are passionate about data privacy and absolute transparency if-and-when non-public information is vulnerable. That’s why Canopy applies AI and machine learning to combat the data privacy risks that come with the digital world. In fact, our cybersecurity software has already revolutionized how enterprises respond to a corporate data breach, and we are blazing a new trail in the field of protected-data discovery and review.

Our Software

Today, the Canopy application reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with identifying personally identifiable information, including PII, PHI, FERPA, PCI, CCPA, PIPEDA, HIPAA, and GDPR data present in breached data. In partnership with Canopy, cyber forensics companies, cyber insurers, law firms and legal service providers can more quickly notify individuals when their identifying information may be at risk following a breach.

coworkers sharing expertise and collaborating on data breach response project

Our Expertise

Since launching the company, Canopy has expedited 40+ breaches per month and scanned more than 10 million breached documents for potentially compromised sensitive information. In the wake of cyber insurers reporting significant increases in business email compromises, the demand for Canopy Software has grown, and the company has been recognized as a disrupter in the field for its use of machine-learning technology and AI-based methods.


Our Team

Ralph Nickl photo

Ralph Nickl

Founder and CEO

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Adi Elliott

Chief Revenue Officer

Martin Borak photo

Martin Borak

Chief Financial Officer

Caroline Gifford photo

Caroline Gifford

Director of Customer Success

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Sarah DeCarlo

Director of Marketing

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Alanna Dent

Product Manager