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Explore how AI and machine learning are transforming the approach to data privacy and cybersecurity.

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A Guide to Effective Data Breach Response

Are you prepared to quickly assess compromised data and, if necessary, respond to a breach? Familiarize yourself with the 5 phases of this growing segment of incident response.

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Ensuring GDPR Compliance for Data Breaches

Does GDPR apply to your organization? Find out what the requirements are in the event of a privacy incident with this short guide, and get 3 steps to achieve GDPR compliance.

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Ensuring Data Breach Response Compliance Across the United States

The data privacy and protection landscape varies across the USA. Get a high-level overview of what's required at the state and federal levels, and what you risk when failing to comply.

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Know Your Risk: How to Proactively Assess Privacy Impact

In today's cyber threat landscape, it's critical to know what PII your organization is at risk of exposing — and what systems or employee behaviors are increasing that risk — before an incident occurs.

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White Paper

5 Reasons Why Ediscovery Is Not a Data Breach Response Solution

Data breach response and ediscovery may look similar at a high level, but we dig deeper. Learn how choosing the wrong tool for the job can limit your speed and accuracy.


5 Reasons Why Ediscovery Is Not a Data Breach Response Solution

Watch Canopy's Adi Elliott and EDRM's Mary Mack discuss how AI and machine learning are transforming the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of data breach response.

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Case Study

Canopy Saves Review Team 2,000 Hours

See how our powerful machine learning models corrected ediscovery's false positives, narrowing one review team's scope by 89%.

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Case Study

Consolidating 4.28 Billion Entities in Hospital Breach

See how Canopy saved one team millions of man hours with automated PDF data extraction and machine learning-powered deduplication.

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Case Study

Corporation Puts Privacy Audit's Unrivaled PII Detection to Work

Canopy delivered total transparency around Intevac's sensitive data, enabling their IT team to customize data governance policies and cybersecurity training.

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Canopy Data Breach Response Brochure

Review the proprietary features supporting the workflow for detecting, classifying, mining, resolving and aggregating protected and unstructured data populations.

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Canopy Privacy Audit Brochure

Don’t wait for a data breach to mitigate risk. Canopy’s AI-powered software hones in on PII, delivers a complete picture of how your organization processes data, and provides critical insights for a robust privacy program.


Patent Information Sheet

Learn more about our first patent, issued on August 10, 2021, which covers technology solutions for conducting automated identification of PII.

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Faster, More Accurate PII Detection

Learn about Canopy's breached data processing and assessment capabilities, and preview our supported PII types.

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Powered by Machine Learning

Learn more about the advanced machine learning models that help make Canopy such a powerful data breach response tool.


Canopy's Supported File Types

Explore the wide variety of file types that we support, from PSTs and PDFs to CSVs, DOCs, and so much more.

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Security and Privacy Overview

With Canopy, you can have confidence that your data is secure from transfer and review through to the notification process.


Incident or Breach? Know Instantly with Canopy

Available the moment your compromised data set is analyzed, the Impact Assessment Report helps you quickly determine the severity of a suspected breach and estimate your budget for human review.