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Incident Response Solutions Limited

When faced with a problem requiring Forensic Technology or Cyber Security expertise, Incident Response Solutions helps turn your uncertainties into positive outcomes.

We help you uplift your capability, reduce your risk and immediately respond to actual events.

The core of our business is to provide the confidence you require to prepare for, respond to and recover from incidents, to a Forensic standard, i.e. the highest level of proof. We strive to make you look good, even in times of crisis.

We are Forensic and Cyber experts, with many years of proven experience.

Our wider network of experts is vast; whether you require a lawyer who specialises in cyber breaches or privacy, a public relations firm, or an introduction to the right technology vendor to solve your problem, we can help you in your time of need.

The result? Everyone is more productive, less stressed, and just a little happier.


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Campbell McKenzie, Director