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Know Your Risk: How to Proactively Assess Privacy Impact

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4 Essential Steps for an Effective Privacy Assessment Strategy

You’ve invested in IT infrastructure, implemented firewalls, and trained your employees on cybersecurity best practices. But in today’s digital world when organizations process more personally identifiable information (PII) than ever before, you can do everything right and still be at risk of a cyber incident.

Download this guide to learn how to:

  • Analyze the PII and sensitive data present in your repositories.
  • Evaluate the way your employees store, handle, and process PII — and identify opportunities to mitigate future risk.
  • Evolve your data governance and cybersecurity training policies to minimize the impact of a potential breach before it occurs.

Get the Guide

Assessing your organization’s privacy impact is an ongoing process and key element of your overall privacy program — not a short-term project.

While your assessments will be purely informational as you get started, the end goal is metrics-driven decision making around how your organization handles sensitive data.