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What's In a Name? 10 Experts Weigh In on Incident Response Data Mining

When a cybersecurity event occurs and data is potentially compromised, that data must be assessed. A team of experts must comb through it for personal data (commonly called PII or..

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4 Data Privacy Podcast Replays for Your Year-End Playlist

Whether you're traveling, shopping, or just looking for a quiet escape, this is a great time of year to catch up on podcasts. Here are four of our 2022 favorites, along with their..

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The Evolution of Data Breach Response Laws, Methods, & Tech in Canada

Canopy recently hosted a LinkedIn Live webinar featuring three experts on the Canadian data breach response market: Mikel Pearce, Director of Business Development, Canada & UK at..

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Exploring the Evolution of Incident Response on the Elevate. Together. Podcast

What should you do if your company suffers a cyber incident? Which comes first, laws or tech? And how has Data Breach Response evolved over its short lifetime? 🌳🌳🌳Canopy COO..

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