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Canopy Launches Data Breach Response Data Center in Sydney, Australia

Canopy Team Jun 2, 2020 10:56:39 AM
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Canopy Software, Inc., the data breach and protected-data discovery software developer, today announced the launch of its newest data center in Sydney, Australia. 

Incident response teams, cyber forensics teams, legal service providers, law firms, and other managed service providers use Canopy to accelerate breach responses and conclusively identify the individuals who have been affected by a data breach.

“As more Australian businesses are faced with responding to data breaches, law firms, corporate legal departments, cybersecurity teams, and legal service providers need a data breach response solution that is tailored for the unique requirements set out under the Australian Privacy Act's data breach notification scheme,” said Ralph Nickl, chief executive officer for Canopy Software. “This is especially true where law firms, cybersecurity teams, and legal service providers have had to utilize technology not originally designed for protected-data discovery and data breach response. With Canopy's purpose-built data breach response software, incident response teams can rapidly determine whether compromised data contains information that could result in serious harm to individuals, as well as support the notification of those individuals.”


About Canopy Software

Rooted in machine-learning technology calibrated to the intricacies of data mining for PII and PHI, Canopy software accelerates the detection, extraction, and resolution of non-public and protected-data following a business email compromise.

Our purpose-built data breach response application is the #1 choice for incident response teams. Our clients span cybersecurity firms, law firms, and legal service providers that need to quickly convert PII and PHI fragments within structured and unstructured data into a clean list of affected individuals requiring notification. With Canopy, the incident response team can:

  • Assess whether an incident qualifies for data breach notification
  • Reduce compromised data to only potentially reportable information 
  • Review data and extract protected-data elements
  • Manage and de-duplicate protected-data elements into unique individual profiles for notification

Canopy's data breach response software is software-as-a-service (SaaS) is deployed regionally. For more information or to schedule a demonstration of the latest version, visit or call 202-9CANOPY.