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Elevate’s data breach response minimizes financial, legal, regulatory, and reputational risk. From assessing the impact of the data breach incident to creating complete, accurate notification lists, our lawyers deliver the full range of data breach services and exceed customers’ expectations. Our data breach review is more than 25% faster than traditional reviews, and we combine software automation with experienced reviewer confirmation to deliver comprehensive, de-duped notification lists. Scalable, global review teams are available 24/7 to meet urgent notification deadlines quickly. 

Our partnership with Canopy combines state-of-the-art AI, machine learning technology, and natural language processing with an experienced team of lawyers and data breach analysts. We’ve executed all kinds of projects - small, large, and multi-jurisdictional - with exceptionally demanding deadlines and large volumes of complex PII/PHI data leveraging Canopy’s PII detection and Entity Management functionalities. The combination of Canopy’s technological advancements and Elevate’s legal expertise offers our customers a high-quality, responsive, and cost-effective solution.


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Myriam Schmell, Vice President Global Sales