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CanopySecure™ Supports The Canopy Project from Earth Day Network

Canopy Team April 23, 2020
a person holding five pine trees in their hand


As a company, Canopy Software is dedicated to developing advanced technologies for protected-data discovery and quick notification when one’s PII is breached. One of our core values is to be “good stewards in the digital world and the real world.”

In fact, our social mission is to protect the environment – through our own daily sustainable actions, and by supporting the year-round initiatives of green organizations. Arbor Day and Earth Day are prime time for Canopy.


Protecting the Environment by Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic is a dark cloud over all us, but through this crisis, there has been a silver lining for our environment: a vast reduction in air pollution and evidence that damage can be reversed. It’s fascinating to see NASA’s data visualizations depicting the reduction in smog as seen from space, and our team members have been sharing similar improvements from their vantage points.

Our Denver team reports crystal-clear vistas of the Rocky Mountains without the typical veil of “the brown cloud”. Our DC-metro team reports less airplane trails and are enjoying better transparency for stargazing. Our Dallas Fort Worth metro area is enjoying a quieter world, enjoying evenings listening to the wind blow and the birds and crickets chirping.

While being required to stay home has felt a bit stifling, seeing the collective impact our population can have on our environment helps us all breathe a little easier.


Protecting Data While Working from Home

Canopy Software is lucky. Making the transition to working from home was entirely seamless because our teams have been “sustainably communicating” (a.k.a. telecommuting) for years. Every member of our management team works from home on a daily basis, and our internal secure development platform, CanopySecure™, has enabled everyone on our project and development teams to easily transition to the work-from-home model without degrading our rigorous security protocols.

Our CanopySecure platform was originally built to ensure absolute security for every breach response we complete for our clients, but now it is also our backbone for enabling our collective team to “sustainably communicate” securely.

In fact, our company now offers the CanopySecure platform to our clients so they can benefit from the same secure environment while working from home. The platform enables our clients’ review teams of hundreds of people to work from home in a secure fashion. If you would like to learn more about using CanopySecure as your remote working platform, please drop us a line via to arrange for an online demonstration.


Planting 100 Trees for Each CanopySecure Client

Since public gatherings and festivals are prohibited, the Canopy Software team will celebrate Arbor Day and Earth Day in our own grassroots and homebound way.

This month, each staff member will choose a potted tree from the Arbor Day Foundation to plant in their locale. And, for every client that deploys CanopySecure as their remote working platform, 100 trees will be planted as part of The Canopy Project that is administered by the Earth Day Network.


The Rebound and the Matchbook

Living through a stay at home order is a little like bending back the cover of a matchbook. Its seam is stretched beyond where it wants to go, but it withstands the pressure. Once you let go, the cover will bounce back towards where it started – but not all the way. It will rest at a slightly more open position. The same is likely to happen in our communities.

Once stay at home orders are lifted, many people will resume their pre-pandemic routines and pollution levels will rise again, but some people will have been given a valuable glimpse of the possibilities. We will have witnessed the collective impact we have on our environment. We will have discovered that some of us actually CAN effectively work from home and perhaps we will continue to do so post-pandemic.

The Canopy Software team will continue to thrive from our home offices and we will continue to invest in CanopySecure to enable others to do so as well. We will help the matchbook stay open – at least a little.