Streamlining Each Step of
Data Breach Response

Improve accuracy and meet notification deadlines with Canopy Software.


Canopy is purpose-built for every phase.

When a data security incident occurs, breach response teams must first race the clock to determine whether it is legally considered a breach. If so, they must meet strict, non-negotiable notification deadlines enforced by GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, and other data privacy regulations.

Powered by AI and machine learning, our patented cybersecurity software reduces the time, cost, risk, and effort associated with the defensible detection of sensitive data by streamlining data breach response at every step, from Process through to Notification.




Canopy’s machine learning-powered PII detection is continuously trained to hone in on hundreds of different types of personally identifiable information (PII) in any data set, from emails and text documents to spreadsheets, PDFs, and many other file types.

Whether your data set is structured or unstructured, the software immediately scans it, unpacks and categorizes the files, and classifies the PII — no prior data normalization necessary. In fact, we highly recommend that you avoid normalizing the data and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Canopy often completes processing within hours, then generates an Impact Assessment Report that provides an overview of the data set, including the types and quantities of found PII elements and which documents contain them.



Say goodbye to data mining via endless rounds of regex and keyword searches. Instead, harness Canopy’s AI-powered processing to get to your data assessment faster.

Thanks to the processing Canopy does in phase one, you’ll have all of the insights you need to immediately begin assessing the project scope. Our PII detection and filtering capabilities make it easy to flag sensitive documents for review and ignore the rest, and advanced functionality like our gallery view enable you to move even faster.

Because Canopy eliminates the need for iterative search, a single person can typically estimate the project scope and review cost on the same day they begin their assessment — and the results will be more accurate, too.




Canopy Software helps review teams work significantly faster and decreases the risk of human error.

Our software uses machine learning to make it simultaneously fast and easy for reviewers to connect the identified people and PII detected in your data set. Detected PII is clearly highlighted as reviewers click through documents, enabling them to quickly create entity profiles for individuals and link them to breached data elements.

As Canopy learns about a specific project, its AI turns the process of linking PII to entities into a simple “accept or reject” workflow, eliminating the need to copy-and-paste data into spreadsheets.



Forget about spreadsheets and SQL — Canopy Software's advanced entity management functionality takes the heavy lifting out of entity resolution.

In addition to automatically deduplicating identical people within an entity list, Canopy also suggests merging entities when one individual is referred to in varying ways throughout the data, as might be seen with nicknames, abbreviated names, or maiden names.

This entity management functionality saves response teams significant time by removing the need to manually locate and match repeated references to the same person throughout a data set.




The ultimate deliverable of any data breach response project is a consolidated list of unique affected individuals and their compromised PII.

Canopy consolidates all of this information as reviewers work so that the entity list is ready to export as soon as the review is complete.

And because certain jurisdictions and industries have specific notification requirements, Canopy provides export options to meet your unique needs.

Ready to speed up your data breach response?

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