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Partnering with Canopy, Gemean Extends Incident Response Services to Include Data Breach Review

Canopy Team Jan 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM


CanopyCo LLC, a leading provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity software for Incident Response Teams, today announced a partnership with New York based Gemean Corporation, a leading provider of cybersecurity and incident response services, to leverage Gemean’s document review alongside Canopy’s data breach review product enabling efficient discovery and rapid export of affected individuals/data subject lists.

“We exist to make it faster and more cost-efficient for Incident Response Teams to provide mission-critical services to their customers,” says Oran Sears, Chief Product Officer for Canopy. “Allowing Gemean’s customers to take advantage of Emergent’s entity resolution as part of Gemean's services will reduce the time and volume of data breach notifications. The reduced overhead will increase Gemean's profitability and enable them to deliver a better overall experience to their clients.

Where users traditionally look at documents and enter information into Excel spreadsheets, users enter information directly into Canopy. As the list of affected individuals grows in richness, Canopy proactively scans unreviewed documents, associating the entities it finds with the documents. Canopy keeps the affected individuals list free of duplicates and near-duplicates by using what is known as entity resolution. By eliminating the most time-consuming challenges users face, Canopy allows users to more quickly and efficiently create a list of affected individuals to notify.

“We understand that our customers – the service providers – are being trusted to deliver quality results to their clients,” says Ralph Nickl, CEO of Canopy. “Integrating with Gemean's incident response capability means that Gemean customers can take advantage of Canopy's AI-based entity resolution. We will continue growing our integration partnerships and offering our clients ultimate flexibility when it comes to fitting into their workflow.”


About Gemean

Gemean is a global consultancy and our people give every matter, investigation, incident, and legal matter the highest level of service. Our professionals have the experience and take a multidisciplinary approach to deliver defensible, practical, and comprehensive solutions. More information can be found at


About Canopy

Canopy’s innovative technology was designed leveraging 30-years’ combined experience in eDiscovery, Information Governance, and Data Protection for the world’s most sophisticated organizations, combining years of research in Big Data technology, cloud-native architecture, and the latest software development frameworks. Canopy has detected tens of thousands of users’ data for some of the world’s most demanding companies. More information can be found at