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Canopy Software Offers Unparalleled Data Transparency with Launch of Privacy Audit

Canopy Team Oct 13, 2021 10:30:32 AM
Graphic with Canopy logo and text: Introducing a New Way to Take Control of Your Sensitive Data, Privacy Audit


From the patented leaders in AI-powered PII detection comes Privacy Audit, a new product that empowers companies of all sizes to take charge of their sensitive data. 

Privacy Audit is a critical component of any privacy program. Featuring Canopy’s unrivaled machine learning algorithms that are continuously trained to hone in on hundreds of types of personally identifiable information (PII), Privacy Audit provides enhanced transparency around exactly how employees store and share sensitive data.

Privacy Audit delivers valuable insights to every level of an organization, empowering companies to analyze, evaluate, and evolve their data security practices. IT, Privacy, and Security professionals can see what specific PII elements are in a given data set, and then dive deep into individual documents to review the context around PII disclosure. Privacy and IT leadership can access key metrics to make informed data governance and training decisions, and high-level reports surface risk levels and demonstrate data privacy compliance to executives and boards.

“The entire premise of corporate privacy is to mitigate the potential for or the impact of a data breach. But up until now, companies didn’t have deep insight into how much PII was in their data until after a breach occurred, when it’s too late to mitigate,” said Ralph Nickl, CEO and Founder of Canopy. “Privacy Audit flips this by proactively giving IT, security, and privacy professionals the powerful AI-driven PII detection that is used in breach response. This gives organizations the actionable intelligence and reporting they need to drive training and compliance policies that will mitigate the risk and impact of any potential breach.”

Privacy Audit is cloud-native and does not require installation. This enables organizations to measure time to value in hours, rather than the weeks or even months they typically experience with enterprise software.

Privacy Audit joins Canopy’s flagship product, Data Breach Response, which harnesses the same patented AI and machine learning algorithms that have already detected billions of PII elements. Together, these products form a robust portfolio and further establish Canopy as a leader in data privacy and cybersecurity software. 


About Canopy

Canopy is a leader in data privacy and cybersecurity software. Powered by AI and machine learning, its patented technology is purpose-built to hone in on personally identifiable information (PII) in any data set. Canopy’s flagship product, Data Breach Response, provides incident response teams with fast, accurate, and secure analysis of compromised data and identification of affected individuals. Its second offering, Privacy Audit, gives companies total transparency around what’s in their data so they can evaluate their business practices and proactively mitigate risk. Canopy has been awarded as a Gold Winner in the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, a winner of the 2021 Global InfoSec Awards, and a 2020 NVTC Tech 100 honoree. Connect with one of our Foresters today at or visit to learn more about our software solutions.