We've reinvented data breach review.

Unlike eDiscovery review platforms, Canopy is purpose-built cloud software for data breach responses, identifying affected individuals, and streamlining manual review.


Reduced costs and better margins

Increased efficiency and minimized staff fatigue

Instant insight guides project scoping and budget

Machine-learning technology enhances operations

Recall precision, fewer errors, lower risk

Faster turnaround to your client

Inform regulatory bureaus sooner

Proven software rooted in defensible processes

See the forest and the trees

...long before anyone else can.

After business email compromises and exfiltrated-data incidents Canopy partners with law firms, legal service providers, and cyber security companies to facilitate quicker response times and more targeted reviews of breached data.

Canopy's Impact Assessment Canopy software starts with a 30,000' view -- examining expansive, at-risk data populations to quickly assess the severity of the breach and the scope of the review project. Within about 24 hours *, Canopy generates a dynamic Impact Assessment Report to define the composition of the data, detect sensitive files, and classify the types of sensitive data that is present. *Rates vary by project and are contingent on multiple variables, including volume, file formats and encryption. PIN SSN DOB PW EXCE PDF EMAIL Upload structured and unstructured breached data from client computer or S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, SFTP, O365
Canopy's Intelligent Data Mining & Review Thin. Using machine- learning to find where personal data and contact information co-exist, Canopy reduces the false positives that are promoted for review and effectively narrows the scope of human review. Prune. Canopy de-dupes individuals (even nicknames and maiden names). Using AI technology, Canopy fuses fragmented information, detects typos in names and SSN, and associates the related data. Identify. Canopy produces a single, de-duplicated list of affected individuals who should receive notice of a breach.
impact assessment report

FREE* Impact Assessment Report

We’ll use breached data from your client project to demonstrate how Canopy accelerates breach review and dramatically reduces false positives. Your free report will reveal the composition of your 5 GB sample dataset, including:

  • The breakdown of sensitive documents,
  • The locations of PII, PHI, PIPEDA, FERPA, PCI, CCPA, HIPAA and GDPR data in the population,
  • An initial gauge of the severity of a suspected breach and metrics to define the scope and budget for the subsequent human review.

Canopy learns from every project and gets smarter every day

Canopy makes it easy for reviewers to navigate documents and the extracted personal information. As users conduct their QA review, Canopy’s machine-learning core is learning from every decision and constantly refining and correlating the records in the background. Canopy automatically cleans and completes the final deliverable for export.

Canopy Machine Learning for PII