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Protect Your Workforce, Company, and Data During the Pandemic

Canopy Team March 24, 2020
remote employee working at home on computer


The concept of “telecommuting” is nothing new, and as advancements in technology and Internet bandwidth have grown over the years, the remote workforce has grown tremendously yet still remained relatively small. While some jobs (and individuals) are more conducive to the remote model, the alarming spread of COVID-19 cases around the globe has forced nearly everyone to adapt and find ways to achieve their business objectives from their own homes.

So how do you protect your employees while also protecting the company’s sensitive information? Companies have been faced with an unprecedented situation: to act with calculated urgency to prepare themselves and their staff to exclusively work remotely. In the haste of the moment, it is critical that steps are taken to ensure company data is protected from a breach situation. The use of personal devices and unsecured WiFi networks could place companies and their employees at a greater risk for exposing sensitive data to breach possibilities. By logging into your company’s network from their home office, an employee may believe they are doing the best they can to continue to perform “business as usual” without realizing they may be opening the door to a data breach.

Canopy Software, as a company, has been in the practice of managing a highly remote and geographically distributed organization since it was founded in 2018. As part of our primary service offerings, our team members are routinely required to work with vast volumes of sensitive information from their workspace – which may be in a well-equipped home office, at a collaborative workspace for remote employees, or their kitchen table. This is made possible through proven and sophisticated security protocols paired with our proprietary CanopySecure application.

Projects processed through Canopy’s application involve customer data that is protected as personal information, intellectual property, trade secret, confidential, classified or privileged information. Because of the intrinsic sensitivities around the work we do every day, Canopy had long ago developed technology to allow its teams to securely access client projects and sensitive data in responsible ways.

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Canopy has made its internal CanopySecure workstation available to clients interested in managing remote, even isolated, project teams that require secure access to protected data. CanopySecure is hosted within AWS and is secured using the same features used to secure the Canopy application, and includes:

  • AWS hosted desktop environment
  • Downloads remain on the remote workstation with no ability to download locally
  • Includes client approved productivity tools (e.g., Excel)
  • Limited to the Canopy domain and other client-approved domains
  • Users are blocked from logging into the Canopy application unless going through the Workstation

Canopy’s goal is to partner with our valued clients to provide a service that eases the burden of initiating remote working capabilities. We hope this will allow our customers to concentrate on what’s important: Protecting their employees, improving business continuity in this unprecedented situation, and protecting their critical data from security risks.

To arrange for your company and its remote employees to leverage CanopySecure offering, please contact us.