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Digital Forensics Leader, Crypsis Group, Selects Canopy’s Software

Canopy Team Jan 8, 2020 10:15:00 AM


CanopyCo LLC, the leading data mining and breach review software developer, announced today that its flagship application, Canopy, was selected by the incident response, risk management and digital forensics firm Crypsis Group to support Crypsis’ new Illuminator service. Leveraging Canopy’s Data Mining and Entity Resolution toolsets, Crypsis’ expertise-driven human analysis greatly reduces the quantity of documents falsely promoted for human review and delivers an accurate and cost-effective Data Breach Notification Service.

Canopy’s protected-data discovery software has been adopted by data breach response professionals within cyber forensic firms, managed services companies, and legal service providers to accelerate data breach review by more than 25 percent and to reduce the quantity of false-positive hits that are designated for costly human review by 43 percent or more.

“Ninety-five percent of the false-positive hits that would otherwise be identified in eDiscovery-based approaches are eliminated upfront and never make it to human review, saving thousands of dollars in review costs, not to mention time,” said Brittany Roush, director and data analytics practice leader, Crypsis Group. “This service will remove much of the burden of the discovery process, and our collaboration with Canopy was instrumental in making this service unsurpassed in the industry.”

Canopy was released in 2018 after two veterans of the eDiscovery software and services market, Ralph Nickl and Oran Sears, witnessed the limitations of using eDiscovery technology to respond to breach incidents. The two co-founded Canopy–the first purpose-built application for the demands of data breach response, namely: the volume of data, the variations of PII/PHI, and the rigorous deadlines imposed by privacy regulations in the US and abroad.

Powered by natural language processing, proprietary algorithms and machine learning technology, Canopy more quickly and accurately identifies, extracts and reconciles PII, PHI, FERPA, PCI, CCPA, PIPEDA, HIPAA and GDPR data present in structured and unstructured breached data.

“To successfully meet the myriad requirements for emerging and evolving privacy laws across different jurisdictions, a data breach response requires a careful combination of people, process and technology,” said Ralph Nickl, CEO for CanopyCo. “As a result of our close collaboration with Crypsis, the Illuminator service is empowered by our robust technical backbone, helping enable their data breach response teams to quickly progress through the detailed data analytics process.”

Canopy’s data breach response application is offered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. For more information or to schedule a demonstration of the latest version, visit or call 202-9CANOPY.