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Canopy Adds ‘Smart Tools’ to Quickly Identify Affected Individuals

Canopy Team Aug 19, 2019 9:15:00 AM


CanopyCo LLC, the data mining and breach review software developer, today released several new “smart tools” to all subscribers of its flagship application, Canopy. With the filtering, classification, and organization enhancements, Canopy users further reduce the volume of breached documents requiring human review and accelerate the identification of specific individuals who have been affected by the breach.

  1. Foreign Language Detection: Canopy detects the presence of 60 foreign languages in breached data populations. This enables reviewers to quickly pinpoint files that may be subject to stringent laws and regulatory timelines, and then prioritize their review accordingly.
  2. Image Classification: Canopy distinguishes between documents containing sensitive information like driver’s licenses or birth certificates and documents containing logos or advertising banners. This capability further reduces the quantity of documents requiring human review.
  3. ProfileBuilder allows reviewers to click on personally identifiable information (PII) in a document and instantly add it to the document tag as well as the affected individual’s profile in the system. With this new feature, Canopy users eliminate the risk, hassle and time associated with manually entering new detail.
  4. Entity360 aggregates every piece of PII that has been discovered for an individual during the project and displays the source documents side-by-side. This accelerates final QC and editing of the project.
  5. Image Gallery aggregates all of the image files that are present across all documents, enabling users to bulk-tag and classify images as junk or important for review. Canopy users no longer have to make this determination by going from document to document.

“Traditional methods for data breach review are burdensome for the team and require significant amounts of data entry, which can be a daunting and error-prone task,” said Oran Sears, CTO for Canopy. “These new features eliminate the risk, cost, and burden associated with building massive notification lists from mountains of compromised documents.”

Powered by natural language processing, proprietary algorithms and machine learning technology, Canopy effectively reduces the false positives that are promoted for human review and facilitates a quicker breach notification process.

The collection of new “smart tools” dovetails with the popular Entity Resolution, Active Lookahead, and MapAccel capabilities in the platform. Since releasing its first iteration in 2018, Canopy has supported more than 40 business email compromises and data exfiltration incidents per month.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of the latest version, visit or call 202-9CANOPY.


About Canopy

Canopy is the flagship software of CanopyCo, a high-tech, Virginia-based software company dedicated to helping cyber security companies, cyber insurers, legal service providers, and law firms to respond to their clients’ corporate data breaches. Canopy created a sensitive information discovery capability to help teams respond faster, more accurately, and with less risk and resources than would otherwise be possible using traditional discovery approaches. Canopy’s platform combines many new and existing discovery techniques into a unique workflow specifically designed to solve the problems discovering personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and student education records. Learn more at


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