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INNOV-8 Legal Inc.

INNOV-8 is a Canada-based, digital-first law firm and tech company led by veteran lawyers, multidisciplinary technologists, and data management & analysis professionals. We combine legal know-how with data analysis to help our clients streamline their business processes, cut costs, and create better outcomes through data.

By combining artificial intelligence with a team of expert lawyers, INNOV-8 can ensure fast, accurate, legally compliant breach notices that help you fulfill your notification deadlines quickly and easily, while saving you time and money.

Quickly identify compromised PII: Powered by Canopy’s purpose-built software, INNOV-8 extracts Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and maintains a consolidated list of entities for notification, saving you time and money.

Human expertise enables quality control: As a technology company that is also a law firm, INNOV-8 has its own team of lawyers to ensure quality and accuracy.

Defensible notifications: INNOV-8’s approach to breach notices strives to ensure you receive a full list of all exposed parties and a complete inventory of which information was compromised.

Satisfy your regulatory requirements: Leverage INNOV-8’s legal expertise to ensure your breach notices are compliant with applicable privacy legislation.

Build your own review team: INNOV-8 can offer on-shore, off-shore, or blended teams, so your firm can get the mix of expertise and cost savings you need.


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